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Moving to New York in 2014 following a Master's degree at the Cleveland Institute of Music , I discovered a passion for teaching and started to build my pedagogical skills and network. I had always been a performer working towards a career as a concert pianist, but I discovered that I was ignited by the prospect of sharing music with others and enjoyed cultivating a unique sense of joy and curiosity amongst my students; it was very enriching.

With the arrival of Covid in 2020, the desire to cultivate deeper skills and knowledge prompted me to return to the hallowed halls of Oxford University to pursue another Master's degree in music performance and subsequently, an MBA at the Said Business School of Oxford University. The combination of music training and management skills have led me to open Anima Music Academy; a project which I hope will enable my colleagues and me 
to serve the community and add value through our unique perspectives, experiences, and training.


The faculty at AMA is world class, and inspired by the excellent training I've had the privilege of being part of throughout my lifetime. Each member brings his/her talents and gifts, as well as passion for teaching. I am very grateful to be at this stage of the journey, and I sincerely hope you will join us at AMA.


Who We Are


Founder & Director


Piano Faculty

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Piano Faculty

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Cello Faculty

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Violin Faculty


Guitar Faculty


Voice Faculty

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Junior Voice Faculty


Flute Faculty


Music theory & Composition

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Junior Voice Faculty


Coming soon...

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